Frederic was inspired to become an actor after years of being surrounded (literally) by ‘The Beachcombers’, a CBC television series that filmed in his home town for his entire childhood.  Frederic has had a career both behind the camera in various roles over the years as well as in front of the camera.  Each and every time Frederic gets on a film set it sends chills down his spine and he feels a sense of being “home”. Due to this and so many other reasons, Frederic has never stopped pursuing a career in film and television.  Here are some samples of the varied roles Frederic has had the privilege to inhabit.

Film and Television

Chesapeake Shores –
If a Cookie Crumbles –
Countdown –
First Hill –
Stuck –
gone. –
How to Survive the 10th Grade –
Close Your Eyes –
Detective Fawkes and the Victim’s Vixen –


Camaro Dreams –
Ramsay Lampman Rhodes –
Safer City ICBC –
Laird Wheaton Commercial –
Block Watch PSA –
Block Watch Full Program –
Southwest Sizzler –
Blue Wave Power Camping –
Blue Wave Power Construction –

Host/Web Series

Pro Video Advisor –
2 Red Chairs sample –

Countdown actor Frederic Robinson
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